Abou Ben Adhem – Poem Reproduction

abou ben adhem poem reproduction

One peaceful night, Abou Ben Adhem, an honest and courteous man, woke up by the dazzling light. He could not see anything by the light. But, when his eyes settled down, he saw a gorgeous Angel, who was writing in a book of gold. Abou Ben Adhem was astonished at seeing her; he could not believe his eyes. He thought that he had been a loyal person his whole life and should boldly ask the Angel what she was writing. Gathering his courage, he asked the Angel, “What are you writing?” Hearing Abou Ben Adhem’s words, the Angel raised her head with a lovely smile and softly said, “Dear Gentleman, I’m writing the names of those who love the Lord,” and continued writing. Abou Ben Adhem then asked in sheer curiosity, “Is my name there?” The Angel, nodding her head, said, “I am afraid not.”
Abou was then astounded. It was an embarrassing moment for him, so he spoke low. He pleaded to the Angel, then, “I pray you. Can you please write my name as the one who loves his fellow men?” The angel wrote something and vanished. Abou Ben Adhem went to his peaceful sleep again.
The next night, the Angel appeared again with great wakening light. When Abou saw her, he asked, “What are you writing?” The Angel answered that she was writing the names of those whom the love of God had blessed and showed the list. Abou Ben Adhem was elated to see his name first on the list. Abou Ben Adhem thought, “The one who loves his men, will be blessed by the God himself.”

The one who loves his men, will be blessed by the God himself.

abou ben adhem

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