Paragraph Writing

A paragraph is a group of organized sentences that are all related to the same topic. There is no rule as to the length of paragraphs. A paragraph may consist of a single sentence or of many sentences.


Computer – Paragraph

Today, people largely depend on technology and smart devices. Everyone uses computers, from office workers to students for their academic purposes. The computer greatly aids students in developing and learning professional abilities. People in the...

gratitude paragraph writing

Discipline – Paragraph

To succeed in life, discipline is the most important quality one can have. He who is disciplined maintains control and finds great achievement. He carves his position in society by adhering to specific laws and customs. People will always judge you...

anger paragraph writing

Anger – Paragraph Writing

Wren and Martin Chapter 33: Paragraph Writing, Exercise 132, Question 6 | Paragraph Title: Anger We are all slaves of our emotions. Anger, one of those emotions, is the emotion of heated displeasure. It is the emotion that may change the man...