101 Academic Essays

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Master the Art of Essay Writing



What’s Inside?

Introduction to Essay Writing

Reflective Essays

1. Space Travel
2. The Use and Abuse of Leisure
3. Advertising: Its Uses and Abuses
4. The Best Way of Spending Holidays
5. The Use and Abuse of Strikes
6. Scouting for Boys
7. The Influence of Cable Television Network in India
8. Should Boys Learn to Cook?
9. Is Life for Us Better Than It Was for Our Forefathers?
10. Is Life in the City Preferable to Life in the Country?
11. How to Keep Fit
12. Your Favourite Hobbies
13. The Influence of the Cinema
14. Electricity in the Service of Man
15. The Influence of Television on Our Lives
16. The Value and Purpose of a School Debating Society
17. The Educational Possibilities of “Broadcasting”
18. Should Games Be Compulsory for Schoolboys?
19. How You Hope to Continue Your Education When You Leave School
20. What Do You Think Is the Most Enjoyable Month of the Year? Say Why You Think So
21. “Playing the Game”
22. Counselling in Schools
23. The Importance of the Study of Geography
24. Holidays
25. Spreading Greenery for a Healthy Living
26. The Book You Like Best
27. The Pleasures of Reading
28. My Greatest Wish

Narrative Essays

29. Hijacking of an Aeroplane
30. A Visit to a Place of Historic Interest
31. A Wet Day
32. An Excursion
33. An Important Day in My Life
34. Examination Day
35. A Visit to a Book Fair
36. My First Day of School
37. A House on Fire
38. My Most Embarrassing Moment in School
39. The Day I Got My First Pet
40. A Humorous Family Reunion Tale
41. Learning to Play an Instrument

Descriptive Essays

42. The Telephone
43. The Cell Phone.
44. The Pager
45. The Narmada
46. The Olympic Games
47. Milk
48. Fresh Air
49. Pocket Money
50. My Country
51. Aeroplanes
52. An English Dictionary
53. Walking Tours
54. Old Custom
55. The Kangaroo
56. School Games
57. Fairy Tales
58. Traffic Jams
59. The Cyber Revolution
60. The Elephant
61. Pollution

Expository Essays

62. Life in a Large City : Its Advantages and Disadvantages
63. Travel as a Part of Education
64. Popular Superstitions
65. My Role Model
66. The Care of the Teeth
67. Our Duty to the Backward Communities in Our Country
68. Some Desirable Improvements in Your Home Town
69. The Uses of Paper
70. India in the New Millennium
71. Nuclear Disarmament
72. A Metro Rail Station
73. Good Manners
74. The Conquest of the Air
75. Safety First
76. The Uses of Rubber
77. India in 2020.
78. Ghosts and Ghost Stories
79. “Gluttony Kills More Than a Sword.”
80. The Fascination of a Great City.
81. Street Hawkers.
82. The Housing of the Working Classes
83. “The Man Who Will Succeed in Life Is He Who Can Adapt Himself Easily.”
84. Some Wonders of Modern Science.
85. No Man Is a Judge of His Own Merits
86. Books and Reading
87. Population Growth
88. The Internet
89. Unemployment as a Social Problem

Imaginative Essays

90. The Dream I Should Like to Have
91. If I Were a Millionaire
92. If I Were a Bird
93. If I Were an Angel
94. If I Were the Prime Minister of India
95. If I Were a Doctor
96. Adventure in a Space Craft
97. A World Without Newspapers
98. If I Become Invisible for a Day
99. If the Sun Took a Day Off
100. If I Were the Principal of My School
101. If Trees Could Talk