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Hello! I am Antara Bhoi, a twelve-year-old from Pune.

I am your neighborhood English expert, here to help you enhance your English. Follow my website, books and YouTube channel to gain confidence in every word you write, speak or read. Pass your English exams with flying colors. I'll surely help you stay ahead with your English.

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The Two Friends and the Bear – Story Writing

Outline – Rohit and Arjun . . . pass through a jungle . . . they see a bear . . . Rohit climbs up a tree . . . Arjun lies down . . . the bear smells him . . . goes away . . . Rohit asks what the bear said . . . Arjun replies to be aware of a...


Good Manners – Essay Writing

Even the best education cannot open doors that good manners can. Even the best education cannot open doors that good manners can. Choose the path of humbleness, instead of being rude. We have been taught good manners since we were children. Our...


The Best Way of Spending Holidays – Essay Writing

No wonder students do not need any explanation of how important holidays are. Students are already convinced, and they wish for holidays. After working for days, they eagerly await their vacation and request the headmaster to wrap up their studies...