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Welcome to English with Antara—where a twelve-year-old Antara Bhoi will help you stay ahead with your English.

With the website of English with Antara, you can read articles across all the categories of English composition: essays, autobiographies, stories, poem reproductions, comprehension, paragraphs, expansions, and even dialogues. All of these articles are part of English exams and popular grammar books. You are most likely to find the best pieces here that you probably won’t find elsewhere. The articles are written by Antara and feature correct grammar and sentence structure. Read and practise these articles to improve your creative writing and English composition skills. 

With the YouTube channel English with Antara, you can expect beautifully created content that will be helpful in improving your conversational and business English. A category of the videos focuses on a variety of topics, from the correct mouth position of sounds to words, to improving your accent, syllables, pronunciation, and fluency. Watch these videos, which will take you way ahead in enhancing your English conversation.

English with Antara makes a perfect platform for:

  • Indian English learners who want to work on their spoken English for career advancement.
  • High school and college students across all boards who want to improve their academic English and pass their English exams with flying colors.
  • Aspirants of competitive exams that have English as a subject.
  • Teachers who teach ESL
  • English learners who don’t need to be taught more grammar rules or to enroll in another term of costly English language courses that do no good.

Right now, you have all the pieces to your baffling jig-saw puzzle… You just need to put them together.

  • You need guidance and support to help you reach fluency.
  • You want to speak clearly and naturally.
  • You want to improve your academic English.
  • You want to be able to confidently join any English conversation and share your opinion that matters.
  • You want to meet more influential people.
  • You want more opportunities.
  • You want to be all that you can be.

English with Antara will help you out, take you ahead, and help you stay ahead with your English.

About Antara Bhoi

Antara Bhoi is a twelve-year-old prodigious girl from Pune, who has mastered English to a top-notch CEFR C2 level.

She is an award-winning English language influencer, one of the youngest authors with over three academic books to her credit, and accomplished grammar geek who lives with her passion for sharing her English knowledge with all. With her brainchild English with Antara platform, she helps passionate learners to stay ahead with their English. 

Her fortes include creative writing, etymology, grammar, literature, accents and pronunciation.


Now you know who I am. I am an extraordinary girl with a blessed heart, a strong confidence level, some wit, and am unapologetically myself.

I am both, the storm and the calm after it.

My initial idea in developing English with Antara was to make the kind of resource for self-study that I wished I could find for my own English language study. As a western vocalist, I have spent some time immersed in improving my accent, vocal cords, and pronunciation. I have a wealth of knowledge about songs, voice, tunes, rhythms, and the musical nature of speech.

I am from Pune and am a Puneri by heart and soul. I go to school in Pune where I study (smiles), but I didn’t go to school in lockdown. That was the best time I got to revise and brush up on my grammar and writing skills. I got passionate about creative writing, which resulted in my writing the books you see now. Alongside, I started creating English learning videos for my YouTube channel. I love being connected to passionate learners throughout the world with my channel.

This website is my humble way of guiding you from the simple English topics to the most difficult of them. You can follow the website regardless of your English level. If you want to enhance your creative writing, if you’ve been studying English for a long time but haven’t seen a lot of development, if you’re fed up with going to class and memorizing grammar rules, English With Antara makes a perfect place for you!

I am continually striving to enhance my website, and I am dedicated to assisting you in quickly finding the information you want. Examine the list of articles to get started. If you don’t find a certain topic, simply click on the search button at the top and enter your search phrase. The majority of my new entries are writing exercises. Use the top menu to access additional classes and resources. Don’t forget to explore and buy my books for a higher level of engagement with English.


Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!

Should you find a writing mistake (Yes, I am a human), please Contact me and mention the exact location where you found it. This makes it a lot easier for me to maintain this site. Also get in touch to just say “hello.” I like reading beautiful messages from interesting readers like you.