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order an article with english with antaraFriends, should you need a custom written article for your academic needs, I can write it for you for a nominal fee. I can cover most of your academic writing needs, so you can get control over your studies. You can order your articles like essays, autobiographies, story writing, poem reproduction and letter writing. Each article would feature –

  • Plagiarism free unique content (Premium Copyscape passed)
  • Checked and reviewed for Grammar
  • Flesch Reading Score above 60 (easy to read)
  • Idiomatic and Proverbial Phraseology, soliloquies, humor, dialogues, morals, creativity, relevance and logic.

The article will be delivered to your email within 5 days of placing the order. Fill in the form below and complete the payment to place the order – It is easy, fast, secure and confidential.


Order an Article.

Easy. Fast. Secure. Confidential.


How does ‘Order an Article’ Work?

What is this 'Order an Article'?
With ‘Order an Article’ you can place your order to get a custom written article of your topic. This is useful for your school assignments and academic studies. Articles can range from Essay, Letter Writing, Story Writing, Autobiography Writing, Paragraphs, Expansion of Ideas to Poem Reproductions.
Who will write these articles?
These articles will be written by me, Antara Bhoi, your neighborhood English expert. Writing such articles is a piece of cake for me, and I wonder why should I not write them for a few pieces of cake for me, while being of help to you in my humble way!
How do I order an article?
Go to the order form on ‘Order an Article’ page. Give me the topic, outlines and other relevant information about the article you need written. After you have filled in all the details, click ‘Proceed to Pay’ and complete the payment. Once your order is successful, I will begin to work on your article. If I have any questions, I’ll get in touch with you. Otherwise, your article will be written basis instructions given by you and the best of my wit. Your order and the process is easy, fast, secure and confidential.
How difficult or easy the articles would be?
I am an English expert, as much as I am a ‘super writer’ – I will spend countless hours laboring over your article to ensure it is meticulously researched and is the best piece of work possible. All of the writing assignments are creative, 100% original, checked for plagiarism, grammarly passed, and easy to read for intermediate English learners.
Does this mean I can order any article of any difficulty level?
Kindly consider me for articles of academic interest – high schools, graduations, English competitive exams. If your topic is complicated and beyond my understanding, you will be informed accordingly and a refund will be initiated immediately.
Can I get to see a few samples?
You can browse through all the articles available on English with Antara
When, where and how will my ordered article be delivered?
You will receive your article in a PDF format in your email typically within five days of placing your order.
I need my article immediately.
I am afraid, quick/priority delivery of your article won’t be possible, as I am a young mind with my own school, exams and playtime schedule. Kindly do not place such requests. You’ll receive your article typically within five days of placing your order. 
What if I want to cancel my order, change my topic, or modify the instructions?
Once an order has been placed, cancellations, change of topics, or modifications of instructions is not allowed. If you wish to modify your article, it is certainly acceptable and common practice to place a new order. 
What if I do not like the article you delivered, or want some revisions?
Once I deliver your article that matches your instructions, kindly accept it in good terms and faith. I strive to ensure perfection and will do whatever it takes to make things right. I am afraid, requests for rework/revisions/rewriting of an already delivered article won’t be entertained.  
I am not sure of the topic, I need help in choosing a topic
To help you, I have gathered all the topics asked in exams and from grammar books. Check English Composition Topics to choose your topic wisely.
I am all good to go and to order an article
I am so delighted and willing to start writing your article. Go ahead – Order an Article.

Writing creative articles is a piece of cake for me, and I wonder why I should not write them for a few pieces of cake for me.

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