Letter Writing

Letter writing is the practice of writing letters. Every educated person should know how to write a clear and readable letter. There are mainly two types of letters: Formal and Informal.


Bread of an Inferior Quality – Letter

During the last two weeks your baker has been supplying bread of a quality inferior to what you were getting previously. Write a letter calling his attention to this. Mr. XYZ 16 Ring Road, Ravulapalem, 533 238 30 November, 2001 Dear Sir, I sincerely...


Neighbour’s Barking Dog – Letter Writing

Write a courteous letter to a neighbour whose dog annoys you by barking. Mr. XYZ 35, Patel Street, Ahmednagar 14 September, 2007 Dear Sir, I was meaning to tell you about the constant barking of your pet dog. I am afraid to inform you that it is...


Repairs to the House – Letter Writing

Write a letter to your landlord, asking that certain repairs be done to the house in which you are living. Mr. XYZ 16 Church Street Anaparthi 533 341 10 March 2022 Dear Sir, I am writing to draw your attention to the repairs that the house in which...