Reading comprehension, or unseen passage, is the ability to read a passage, process it, understand its meaning and answer the questions. It is based on two interconnected abilities: word reading and language understanding. Comprehension is asked in all English exams.

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Literary Life – Comprehension

Wren and Martin: Comprehension Exercise 147 Unquestionably a literary life is for the most part an unhappy life; because, if you have genius, you must suffer the penalty of genius; and, if you have only talent, there are so many cares and worries...


The Parting in Kashmir – Comprehension

Wren and Martin Comprehension Exercise 147 This romantic life in Kashmir was drawing to its end after three glorious months. Miss Joan was leaving a week earlier than Mrs. Rhodes, and about two days before she left I took her alone to the hotel for...


Jesus Christ – Comprehension

Wren and Martin Comprehension Exercise 147 Although religion does not inhibit the accusation of wealth, although it does not hold up large fortunes as evil, the tenor of its teaching, by and large, is to induce an attitude of indifference to ...