If I Were a Time Traveller


My day today just started horribly. I had forgotten to do my homework yesterday, and my teacher gave me an earful of scolding in the first lecture itself, along with one hour of detention. The worst part was everyone but I had completed their homework. Well, I was busy playing games and loitering around yesterday. As I am now taking notes of my tedious geometry lecture, I wonder if I can go back in time and fix this.

The mere thought of not getting scolded fills me with joy. If I were a time traveller, I would go back in time and complete my homework. No more last-minute stress, no more scolding, no more detention! But if I had that magical power, I would also witness incredible moments and gain wisdom from ages past.

I would first go to the distant past to witness the awe-inspiring construction of the Egyptian pyramids. It would be such a magnificent experience to stand before the colossal structures. I would hope to uncover the mysteries surrounding their construction. Witnessing the rise and fall of empires, the evolution of languages, and the development of early technologies would be an unparalleled experience. I could meet historical figures, observe their lives and perhaps even offer guidance that might change the course of history.

But it is not all about looking back. Being a time traveller would allow me to glimpse into the future as well. I would visit generations yet unborn, and witness the evolution of technology and science. What wonders would await me in the year 2200? Would humans have established colonies on distant planets, harnessed renewable energy sources, overcome population explosion or even found cures for diseases that have plagued us?

As I would witness generations come and go, I would gain a profound appreciation for the impermanence of life. I would learn the value of cherishing the present moment. Each moment would become more precious as I understand the ever-shifting sands of history. I clearly remember the wise words of H.G. Wells: “There is no time like the present. And, perhaps, no time at all, if the truth were known.”

If I were a time traveller, the universe would be my playground. It would be like a magic door that allows us to explore the past and future. My journey would be a tapestry of experiences, a collection of moments that define humanity’s past, present, and future. The possibilities time travel carries are exhilarating and thought-provoking.

As I pack my bag and prepare for the next lecture, I come out of my imagination. After all, time travel is currently nothing more than a fantasy dream. I would have to complete my homework in time to not get scolded. Stephan Hawking has said, “Time travel may be possible, but it is not practical.”

There is no time like the present. And, perhaps, no time at all, if the truth were known.