Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay is one in which anything – an object or person, an event or place, an experience or feeling, or an idea – is described. The purpose of this type of essay is to provide enough specific descriptions for readers to envision or imagine the chosen topic.

school-games essay writing

School Games – Essay Writing

One may not recall the studies from school. But the fun he had while playing games with schoolmates cannot diminish from his memories. The most fun part of school is school games. Games are also a necessity for students. They cannot work tirelessly...

The-horse essay writing

The Horse – Essay Writing

A horse is a gentle and easy-going animal. It is found all around the world and sustains on grass and hay. It is believed that horses have a good memory. They can be tamed for may uses. The most prominent use of it is riding and racing...


The Monkey – Essay Writing

Our job is to love others without inquiring whether they are worthy or not. The monkey is a unique and fun animal. It is usually found in the tropical rainforests of Asia, Africa, and America. The monkey does not turn aggressive unless you tease it...