Autobiography Writing


The Autobiography of a Guitar

A legend has aptly said, “Without music, life is worthless. Music is life; that is why our hearts have beats.” I am a red acoustic guitar with six strings. My owner is a girl named Jessica, and she is a decent guitarist. Legend has it that I am not...


The Autobiography of an Eagle

During a storm, all other birds hide in their nests, shivering and avoiding their hurdles. But it is only I, the eagle, who shuns the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life, let your heart soar like me. The old saying goes, “Birds of a...


The Autobiography of a Wolf

I am a wolf, one of the fiercest animals. I have lived in this forest for years. The big felines, like tigers and lions, may be more powerful. But it is not me who performs in the circus. Well, I face no difficulties finding my prey, thanks to my...