The Monkey – Essay Writing


Our job is to love others without inquiring whether they are worthy or not.

The monkey is a unique and fun animal. It is usually found in the tropical rainforests of Asia, Africa, and America. The monkey does not turn aggressive unless you tease it or hurt it. Mostly, it is known to be fun, sweet, and sociable; it forms bitter rivalries and strong friendships. The monkey is also renowned for being slightly intelligent. It knows the basics of counting, and some monkeys are even believed to solve simple calculations. A special ability of the monkey is climbing trees. The monkey can climb a tree quickly, and can easily jump from one tree to another. It can travel miles across the branches of trees without touching the ground.

The monkey has forward-facing eyes, tenacious hands, sharp nails, and a large brain. It can also vary in size and colour. Some monkeys have a light brown colour, while some of them can have dark hues. For instance, the Mandrill, which is the biggest monkey species, has black fur. The monkey also has strong legs, with which it can get a good grasp of the branches.

The monkey symbolises joy, energy, and happiness. It is often considered very funny and jovial because of its mischievous activities. A monkey never gets tired of its monkey business. But, the monkey is also responsible and loyal. Thus, it makes a great and loving pet. It likes to build a strong bond with its owner or loved ones. It expresses its love by grooming other monkeys, and, thus, it strengthens the relationship with its dear ones. The monkey is also sociable. However, it may get angry when one teases it or when its young ones are in danger.

Well, according to research, it is said that monkeys are able to understand written numbers and know basic counting. People also believe that monkeys can solve simple calculations. When it comes to solving puzzles, the monkey possesses intelligence as good as that of a three-year-old toddler. In some cases, the monkey also knows basic arithmetic. Besides, the monkey is naturally intelligent and a trickster. A monkey’s intelligence can be seen in his daily life. For instance, the monkey knows how to properly open the lid of a bottle, how to steal the food and run away or how to properly peel off fruits.

People consider the monkey good luck. Seeing a monkey around noon is a sign of good weather. Seeing it in the evening is an omen foretelling success. They also say that monkeys are out of control. But the population of monkeys is adequate. Besides, the monkey is not dirty and does not spread rabies. The monkey holds a special significance for the Hindus. In the epic Ramayana, Lord Rama defeated Ravana with the assistance of the monkey army called Vanar Sena. Hanuman is known for his loyalty and devotion towards Lord Rama and Sita. Thus, the monkey is often worshipped in Hindu mythology.

Monkeys are also very good at imitating; they imitate humans easily. Every monkey has its own unique fingerprints. Fingerprints of monkeys can also be taken because monkeys’ hands are like those of humans. The diet of the monkey includes walnuts, berries, and fruits. They say the monkey likes bananas the best.

So overall, the monkey is one of the funniest and most loving animals. Like monkeys, our job is to love others without inquiring whether they are worthy or not. Let’s cherish this beautiful creature.