The Kangaroo – Essay Writing


The kangaroo is quite a sociable and friendly animal. Usually, the kangaroo prefers to wander and work in groups rather than solitarily. The kangaroo is found only in Australia and survives on leaves and grass. But, a couple of species can also be omnivorous. According to research, most kangaroos are left-handed. Wild kangaroos are often shot for meat, leather, or to protect grass. The meat of kangaroo is believed to have numerous health benefits. The kangaroo holds great historical and cultural significance to the citizens of Australia. The kangaroo takes short naps during the day under the shade of trees or among the bush. At night, it prefers to stay active and hunt its food.

The kangaroo is well-known for its muscular hind legs and small hands. It is a big, tall animal with a triangular head. Usually, the kangaroo has a strong tail, which helps maintain its balance. It can maintain its stability easily thanks to its tail. Because of grazing, the kangaroo has also developed special teeth that are rare among other mammals. The kangaroo can be different colours, ranging from dark red to brown hues.

The distinctive feature of the female kangaroo is its pouch, known as a marsupium. Most of the time, female kangaroos safeguard their young ones inside the marsupium. The pouch is a safe place for the baby, even during hunting the prey. In fact, new born kangaroos spend their earliest days in it, being completely safe from danger.

The kangaroo is known for its muscles. It symbolises ambition, protection, strength, and ease of movement. It was chosen as Australia’s national animal based on the fact that no one can move backwards easily; and everyone has to move forward. The kangaroo often signifies success, wealth, and motherly love.

The kangaroo prefers to work in groups rather than alone. Its groups are called ‘mobs.’ Most of the time, the kangaroo is calm, friendly and approachable. It can make a great and playful pet if treated kindly. Just like the dog, it wants to be fed. However, when it is teased or its young ones are in danger, it is likely to get aggressive and harmful. Talking about smartness, studies have shown that the kangaroo can be extremely intelligent.

The kangaroo is renowned for its hopping skills. Some kangaroos can also hop 25 feet high. However, they cannot hop backwards. The kangaroo is actually faster thank you think. A comfortable hopping speed of a kangaroo is around 21-26km per hour. However, it can move up to 71km per hour. Surprisingly, that is faster than a racehorse.

Overall, the kangaroo is a unique marsupial and let us all cherish this beautiful and hop-py creature.