The Horse – Essay


A horse is a gentle and easy-going animal. It is found all around the world and sustains on grass and hay. It is believed that horses have a good memory. They can be tamed for may uses. The most prominent use of it is riding and racing. Equestrianism is indeed a popular hobby amongst horse lovers since it is an effective way to burn calories for them. They can, at the same time, maintain their mental health. One should, as some suggest, own a horse. It encourages you to be physically active and gives you confidence.

The horse has a long, bushy tail, and a pair of hooved legs. Its hair, known as the mane, is short and is an addition to the animal’s beauty. Usually, the horse has a stout body and small, bright eyes. Its muscles are strong, so that it can run with speed. It can have a multitude of colours, ranging from dark brown to the lightest of hues. The Akhal-Teke, one of the rarest and most beautiful horses, has a light yellow shade; while the Arabian horse is brown.

One of the most interesting fun facts about horses is that they can sleep while standing. They are also easy to tame, thanks to their intelligence. They can be taught many tasks through positive reinforcement, just like dogs.

The horse is mainly used for horse-riding, which is now a popular sport that is practised in almost all parts of the world. The sport allows you to relax your body and gives you some new zest for work. Horse riding particularly enhances your core muscles of the body. Besides, it is useful for heart health, leg and arm muscles. For horses too, being ridden is a great way to exercise. Horse riding is likely to strengthen their legs and improve their speed. What legends say about horses is quite true – the horse is not a hobby that you pick up and sit back down. It is a love that lasts forever.

The horse is particularly known for its royal looks, diligence, and gallant beauty. It symbolizes courage, glamour, and freedom. This majestic animal is a creature of power, independence, sovereignty, endurance, and confidence. The horse, being an essential part of history and mythology, remains one of the greatest animals of war and might. All the Indian Rajas had a number of royal and trained horses. The men of war have been grateful to their horses, which carried an angel’s share in winning mighty wars and battles.

The horse, at times, can be dangerous. It is a prey animal with a strong fight-or-flight response. Usually, when threatened, the horse chooses to flee. But it will stand its ground and defend itself when flight is not an option, or when its young ones are threatened. But, most of the time, the animal is placid and does not prefer violence. If you give it what it needs, it will give you its heart in return.

In the Indian culture, one of the most common uses of the horse is in marriages. The groom takes his place on a decorated horse and goes on the so-called ‘baraat,’ a celebratory wedding procession. Usually, the horses in marriages are covered with silk or velvet clothes. A few of the horses also dance to the beats of wedding songs.

So, like a horse, be free-spirited and cherish this loveable creature!

The horse is not a hobby that you pick up and sit back down. It is a love that lasts forever.