The Dog – Essay Writing


Dogs make up the best friends of humans. One should, as people suggest, pet a dog. That is because dogs are loyal, playful and adorable. Stray dogs are a common sight in India. Few people dislike dogs. Some people are immensely afraid of them. These people are cynophobes.

Dogs are God-gifted with an ability to understand one’s feelings. They are able to empathize with their masters. No one would deny dogs are the epitome of faithfulness. They are known to lovingly support their masters in difficult circumstances. No wonder, dogs are nowhere being pusillanimous.

Pet dogs are enthusiastic and they keep their masters cheerful. They also do petty household chores. They assist in doing the laundry, cleaning up the dustbin and even shopping from nearby departmental stores. Some of their features are wagging tails, moving around playfully, playing with balls and sticks, and guarding houses. People make videos of their dogs and post them on Social Media. These videos are among the most watched content. A dog’s enthusiasm is what motivates people. It urges people to keep moving forward in life and never giving up. Also, a dog always keeps his master happy in his sheer loneliness. Scientists believe dogs can help one be more active. Dogs demand playing and working out with them. They also need to be taken for a daily stroll, which makes them good walk-buddies. A sweet, cute and cuddly creature, dogs are a sure way to free our stress, fear and tension. Dogs are the very animals that help rescue in emergencies. Should they suspect some insecurity, danger, or distress, they run to seek help. Dogs also rescue by using their swimming skills. They are incredible swimmers. All these advantages make dogs quite accommodating.

In India, every street is incomplete without a gang of stray dogs. Stray dogs are unclean, dirty and carry fleas. They are notorious for barking at pedestrians. People offer them biscuits. It is better to avoid teasing these dogs. They might bite. They carry some unknown diseases that may even be lethal. Otherwise, dogs never harm people without any apparent reasons. Should one harm or steal their babies, it is obvious for them to turn harmful. Malevolent people can expect deadly attacks and bites from dogs. What dogs, otherwise, expect of from people is kind treatment, food and personal space.

There are few superstitions around dogs. They are believed to see ghosts and prophesy deaths. Dog’s howling is considered inauspicious.

Dogs have enormously marvellous sense of smell. They have over 225 million scent receptors in their noses. Scientists believe dogs can identify over millions of various smells. Dogs have 40 times better sense of smell than humans do. This particular feature is its incredible peculiarity.

With such a peculiarity, dogs are tamed for use in criminal investigations by the police. Police dogs are sophisticated and are flawlessly tamed. Some common dog breeds used by police are German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Bloodhound, Dutch Shepherd, and the most retriever breeds. Belgian Malinois has become the dog of choice for military and police. Commando dogs are used for bomb hunting. Four Hero Dogs would always be remembered for they had saved Mumbai from a hidden danger on 26/11 terrorist attacks.

Dogs absolutely love eating. Pet dogs are normally accustomed to eating dog food. But, their food of choice is flesh, bones, chicken and raw eggs. Dogs are omnivorous.  Dead creatures like kittens or mice are a gustatory feat for stray dogs. Generally, dogs search for some leftover food in the garbage. Gathering of dogs near garbage is a general sight. Dogs never deny eating cooked vegetables.

Dogs make good pet animals. Let us cherish the faithful, loyal, funny and playful creature.

Barking dogs seldom bite.