The Cat – Essay Writing


Cats are known to be silly, loyal, adorable and photogenic. I am fond of cats. Many people are fond of cats. Cats get domesticated easily. I wonder why few people dislike such a cute creature. Some people have an immense fear of cats. These people are ailurophobes. Cats belong to Panthera family (lions, tigers, leopards).

Both being the most common pet animals, cats are often compared to dogs. Dogs are known for their faithfulness to their masters. However, cats are faithful to their homes. They stick to their homes, even if the house changes hand. What they demand is a kind treatment. Domesticated dogs often do household chores to help their masters. In contrast, cats are pretty lazy and keep ambling around. Dogs often think of their masters’ welfare. Cats are a bit egoistic.

Cats are trustworthy and compassionate to humans. They attack only when they suspect insecurities. Cats have great defensibility. A cat can ingeniously defend itself from other cat’s attacks. The sharp nails of their paws and the painful bites of their canines are the secrets of their violent defence. Cats in groups are often seen fighting with each other.

Usually, cats are foodies; they love eating. The cat is meat eater. Cooked beef, chicken bones and eggs are their delights. If they had to look for food alone, they hunt rats, mice, rabbits, or even birds. A lot of Indian cats drink milk.

The reason why cats are loved is their beauty. Many people keep cats as their pets. For their cuteness, playfulness and beauty, they make good subjects for photos and videos. People make videos of them and upload on YouTube. Videos of cats are among the most watched content on YouTube today.

These adorable creatures, however, are notorious for scribbling cushions of furniture, sheets, curtains and other soft household objects. Indian cats are often suspected of secretly gulping away milk and fish. This is because cats enter houses quietly. They can easily climb floors and enter kitchens through windows.

Cats are comfort-loving. “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” They easily comfort themselves with people and places. They hesitate to meet anyone out of their comfort zone. Once they familiarize with anyone, they expect food from him. They behave well, unless they or their kittens are harmed.

Just watching cats can make anyone happy. They are interesting creatures with unique personalities and alluring beauties to be cherished.

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.