The Autobiography of an Eagle


During a storm, all other birds hide in their nests, shivering and avoiding their hurdles. But it is only I, the eagle, who shuns the storm by flying above it. So, in the storms of life, let your heart soar like me.

The old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” So, I mix with friends of my own species and fly with them at a high altitude. I don’t mingle around with pigeons. I am specifically known for my courage. I symbolize lion-like strength, heroic immortality, and kingly royalty. Often, people call me the king of the skies. Research has proved that I have an unbeatable sense of sight. It is said that I have large eyes that are four-to-five times sharper than those of humans. Thanks to my eyesight, I am a great hunter. Besides, I can differentiate between five basic colours and can even detect UV light. You see, my sight is one of my peculiar features. I am also Mexico’s prime spotlight. The Mexican flag contains an eagle eating a snake, and I am the national bird of Mexico. Something I am proud of is the fact that I eat snakes. I have become quite used to large poisonous snakes. They are a delicacy. They are nothing more than a petty plaything for me.

Now, I am here, enjoying the splendid scenery of the sunset. I have become old, and I rarely fly with my buddies. Hunting has become quite exhausting for me. But, I just wish to raise my babies well. While enjoying this very moment, let me recall the earlier days of my life.

After spending some time in the egg, I came into this world. I slowly crawled forward, and the bright, shining sunbeams and the dancing trees stunned me. My siblings were still cracking up their eggs. That time, I was a small and ugly bird with no feathers. When mamma returned after a while, she fed my siblings and me with food. Then, I started growing up. I still remember I was one of the most enthusiastic children. Mamma used to feed me with snakes and other delicacies. After weeks, I became a healthy baby eagle, ready to set my feet out in the sky. Every time, I was up to some weird pranks and games. “This is the last time I am warning you. Stop making trouble. Don’t be an ill-eagle. Otherwise, there will be no food for dinner!” Mamma taught me flying. Initially, I could not fly perfectly. But, a little bit of practice was all I needed. I also mastered hunting.

In no time, I grew up to an adult eagle. I was a large and strong eagle, with a heavy head, a beak, a tenacious grip, large and wide wings, and small eyes. I found a tall tree and built my nest there. When I used to rest in my house, I would get stunned by the picturesque scenery of the sunset overlooking the river. I also had a couple of flying buddies, with whom I shared the skies. By that time, hunting had become my passion and need. My diet included eels, lampreys, squirrels, hares, and other small birds. At times, snakes also made a gustatory feat. Surprisingly, the eagle eats large poisonous snakes too. During storms, I did not used to back away. I would show great courage and fly over it.

As of now, I enjoy this sheer moment while looking at the sunset. Well, if you ever see me sitting in my nest, pay attention closely and see how attentive I am. With my body still, I tilt my head side to side. Even during a flight, my keen eyes look for my prey. My vision is sharp enough to spot another eagle soaring fifty miles away. Sometimes, I can get aggressive. But, if you do not mess with or tease me, I usually mind my own business. We eagles are silent and like to soar. We are those who fly solo, and get the strongest wings. They say I am a sign of rebirth, new beginnings, and the coming of spring. I spread good luck.

Now, before I go and hunt a fish for dinner, let me share a small piece of advice – let your spirits soar, honour the earth and the sky, let your dreams go wild, have the power to touch the sky and fly high!


During a storm, all other birds hide in their nests, shivering and avoiding their hurdles. But it is only I, the eagle, who shuns the storm by flying above it.