The Autobiography of a Wolf


I am a wolf, one of the fiercest animals. I have lived in this forest for years. The big felines, like tigers and lions, may be more powerful. But it is not me who performs in the circus. Well, I face no difficulties finding my prey, thanks to my sharp sense of smell, excellent hearing ability and, most importantly, my wits. Once I catch it, my powerful teeth help me kill my prey instantly. What a wild creature I am! It is said that I am violent. But, believe me, if you treat me well and give me food, I’ll cause you no harm. My diet includes small animals like rabbits, raccoons, mice and even larger animals like deer and sheep. Many of you misunderstand me as being a dog. But only the wise know not to mess up with me. The name itself sends shivers down your spine; such a beast I am, after all.

Sometimes, as I sit watching the sunset at sixes and sevens, I like to recall my childhood days. When I came to my birth, I was too weak to open my eyes, but I felt mamma’s touch. After almost 3 weeks, I was able to open my eyes. I remember I was one of the most mischievous kids in my friend group and the most daring one among my siblings. Every time, it was me who used to do monkey business and trouble others. “Dear, this is the last time I am warning you. Stop making trouble. Otherwise, there will be no food for dinner!” Mamma used to go bananas at me. “Fine!” was my reaction. Yet, mamma loved me. She narrated some of the best tales and fables to me. I learnt good morals and how to be witty, clever, and cunning. Whenever I was on my hunting spree, I would howl and express my happiness. Little animals would run for their lives. So ‘howl-arious’ it was!

After some years, I grew up. With my wide and fatal teeth, I became a dangerous wolf. Not only my deadly bite, but also my wits were helpful to me. Whenever it was time to go hunting, I used to howl, “Let’s gooo!” I used to live near a den. I had named it ‘howl-way.’ Many times, I found myself right in front of the big felines. They used to run away from my sarcastic smile. Passers-by often thought I was a poor dog. When I would growl angrily, I would send shivers down their spines. “Gooo, goo…Wolf I am. Wolf I am.” After all, I didn’t need anyone’s mercy. Once, I found a sheepskin. I wore it and entered a herd of sheep, disguising myself as one. I said, “Sheep I am. Sheep I am.” What fools they were! I got to enjoy my delicacy without even having to hunt. When the shepherd came to kill me, thinking me to be a sheep that was an obvious choice for his food to go, I managed to escape. “Bro, I know the story.”

I clearly remember the childhood stories Mamma used to narrate. One day, I saw a shepherd boy grazing his sheep on a hill. It was so tactless of him to lie to the villagers and betray them twice. I was sure the villagers wouldn’t get fooled again. So, I fearlessly came in front of him, frightened him, attacked the sheep, and enjoyed my gustatory feat. The boy kept shouting, but the villagers did not rush to help him. With a sarcastic smile, I ran away. Tacit it was the boy had learned a lesson of life – Never lie! Follow the path of honesty.

Now, I live in this forest with some of my buddies. I have even found my mate now. But, a couple of wolf hunters do live in this forest. Many times, I have found myself in front of them. But, I have managed to escape every time with my wits. Hunters get terribly scared when my buddies and I get together and howl loudly. All the animals also get alerted. I am not one of those extraordinary, red, powerful and rare wolves. They are more ferocious than me. One day, a friend of mine informed me a red wolf had been hunted. From then on, I was being skeptical about people. But perhaps, it is only me who falls in love with the beauty of the moon and enjoys solitude, while howling. Now, as you read this autobiography, take a small piece of advice with you. Be like me – be different, be cunning, be convivial in nature, enjoy the nights, pack life with good memories. Live a ‘howl-arious’ life!