The Autobiography of a Guitar


A legend has aptly said, “Without music, life is worthless. Music is life; that is why our hearts have beats.”

I am a red acoustic guitar with six strings. My owner is a girl named Jessica, and she is a decent guitarist. Legend has it that I am not just a sound box; I am a part of your soul. So, instead of treating me as an instrument, treat me as your music buddy. Most guitars have six strings, but they can also have four to twelve strings. Guitars with seven, eight, and ten strings are rare. But, they do exist. Today, guitar strings are made from either steel or nylon. People used to make them from animal intestines earlier. The guitar is the second most common musical instrument, after the piano. There are also different types of guitars, such as the ukulele and the electric guitar. But the acoustic guitar is the most classic and easiest one.

I am relaxing in a corner of the house. My red body is my prime spotlight. I, as well as my strings, am still strong and hard. But, Jessica is thinking of buying an electric guitar, which will have more features than I have. She has learned and practised many songs with me. The melodious memories I have created with her will never be forgotten.

While I relax, let me tell you more about my early days. I was manufactured in a guitar factory. I am made out of a special type of wood that hardly breaks. The workers gave me a fine carving and a beautiful design. I was one of the most beautiful and most elegant guitars among my friends. I felt as proud as a peacock while flaunting my neat design and precious wood like a celebrity. Afterwards, the workers attached the nylon strings to me and gave me a red colour. When I was ready, I stunned all my friends.

My friends and I were quickly shipped to a store, where I was placed at the front display. My prime spotlight was my shining red colour. My price was 5000 rupees for my features. At that time, my best friend was a black guitar, who was of another brand. Yet, I used to enjoy his company. We would discuss the prices, customers, and compare our features. Some guitars in the store were inferior to me; they were slightly smaller in size and had weaker strings. I, however, had a special type of wood, strong nylon strings, and, most importantly, I could be connected to an amplifier too. I also met the so-called Hawaii “ukuleles.” They were small and cute guitars meant for kids. There were also the funky electric guitars, which were always well-respected and exotic. I always admired their style, features, and the sound they produced, saying, “Wow, you’re unbeatable, mate!” There were also different types of pianos. I was also one of the decent options with exotic features and a red colour. When it came to guitars for beginners, I was one of the best options.

After a couple of weeks, I finally got sold to Jessica. It was late evening, and the shop was about to close when she suddenly came up. She took a long look through the guitars and tried a few of them. After having a chat about the features, Jessica chose me. Shortly after, she bought me and took me home. I was finally glad to have an owner. She struggled for a long time to tune me. But then, I produced the most beautiful music. From then on, she started taking care of me. She was a beginner, and I was her first guitar. She used to practise playing notes, and then she moved on to chords. One of her friends also played the piano. They often jammed with each other and made good music. Every morning and evening, Jessica used to practise playing me. After several months, she even reached for the songs. She learned a few songs with me. At times, she would perform in school and family functions.

As of now, I am happy with Jessica. I have seen her progress from being a beginner to becoming a decent guitarist. Today, she can play several songs. However, lately, I have been hearing that she is thinking of buying an electric guitar. So, I will not be her music buddy for a long time. Yet, I will enjoy the present moment and see her progress. She and her friend still often jam together.

Before I bid you goodbye, keep in mind that sometimes music is the only medicine the heart needs. Remember, it has the charm to calm the most savage beast. I, being a guitar, have my angel’s share in creating such music.

The music hath the charms to soothe the most savage beast.