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The Autobiography of a Coconut – Free Ebook


“Everyone and everything, from our world to their world, from living to non-living, from tiny to magnificent, from good to evil, from abstract to concrete, from real to imaginary, and even beyond imaginary, has a story to tell, a saga to narrate, a wisdom to share, a lesson to teach, or a complaint to make.

All they want is someone who’d care to listen.”


The Autobiography of a Coconut is the story of a coconut narrated in his very own words that are as sweet as his water.

With this 1100 word essay, read what divine message the coconut wants to share. It is a coconut lover’s tribute in words and pictures to this ‘Fruit of God’ and the ‘Elixir of Nature.’

Hope all of you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.



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