The Autobiography of a Clock


Time and tide waits for no man. So, make the best use of your precious time instead of wasting it.

Tick-tock, tick-tock! This is the sound of my life, the sound of time proceeding, and the sound of the ticking of every second. I am a glorious blue wall clock, one of the unavoidable expenses for someone who makes good use of their time. I keep ticking and ticking, reminding you of the worth of every second. Every second holds crucial importance for every person. After all, what they say is true – time, once lost, can never be found. One keeps waiting for the right time and, consequently, wastes his entire life. But while I keep ticking, I remind you that time is proceeding. Time is like a river; you cannot touch the same water twice. Besides indicating the right time, I also decorate the house. I am that very thing everybody looks at to keep up their time. I am part of the aesthetics of the wall.

I am lying in the corner of this house as a junk piece. I am still ticking, keeping good time. I have never gone dead or stopped in my entire life. All I asked for was a minor battery replacement once every six months. Therefore, my looks and quality made me the perfect wall clock. Sometimes, my owner used to have so much work that he would race against me. But a lot of times, I would beat him because, after all, time flies. Let me share some of my sweet memories with you.

I came into this world about five years ago. I was born in a high-scale clock factory, where the computer-operated robotic hands assembled my intricate machine and hands. When I got my battery, I started ticking tick-tock. I got my Tested-OK label. Later, I got my beautiful case in a hexagonal shape, a blue lustre with silver lines and my shiny hands. I was not among the stunning and costly clocks. I was a simple yet elegant wall clock. There were many of my types in the factory. I also came across some fancier and bigger clocks. Then, I was packed in a box and shipped to a fancy store in Mumbai.

The days in the store were very tedious. There was such a fuss every day. People would come, look at all of us, and leave. I often got compared with other clocks. Eventually, I watched all my friends getting sold, and I was waiting for my owner. Every clock bowed to the well-respected luxury clock that carried a hefty price. At times, remarkable arguments would persist between customers and the salesman at different counters. I had no battery inside me, so I felt as if time had come to a standstill. I was desperately waiting for the wall I would be fit to – I was waiting to get sold.

I finally got sold to a gentleman when he pinned his choice on me. As soon as my new owner brought me home, he inserted the battery, carefully settled me on his wall, and I started ticking tick-tock. I was happy to have got my permanent abode. From then on, everyone in the house began seeing the time I showed with precision. They used to plan their entire day’s events, thanks to me. Before any important meeting, they used to look at me and decide the timings. I had a great time showing them the time. The loud volume of the TV placed beneath me would dominate the house. But, at night, my ticking sound was the one to break the silence of the night. I was always noticeably in front of their eyes, and I unnoticeably ran in their heads all the time.

Eventually, I got old, and my time faded away. The wall got a new clock. But I never stopped ticking and am ticking even now. I still keep reminding people about the value of time. Instead of staring at me, do as I do—keep proceeding with life! After all, I am an inanimate object of no worth, but time is precious.

Time, once lost, can never be found.