The Two Friends and the Bear – Story Writing

the-two-friends-and-the-bear story writing

Outline – Rohit and Arjun . . . pass through a jungle . . . they see a bear . . . Rohit climbs up a tree . . . Arjun lies down . . . the bear smells him . . . goes away . . . Rohit asks what the bear said . . . Arjun replies to be aware of a false friend  . . . Moral.

There used to live two friends named Rohit and Arjun. Once, they were travelling through a forest. It was a dangerous forest with fierce wild animals. Both were already scared by the spooky sounds of animals and birds. As they were slowly taking each step forward, the fear in their hearts was increasing. Rohit exclaimed, “I am so scared! I wish we did not have to go through this forest. Shall we go back to our village?” Then, Arjun replied, “I agree with you. However, we have no choice but to keep proceeding. We must cross the forest to get to the other village. Promise me that if any of us gets in trouble, the other will not run away.” Rohit, nodding his head, agreed, and they both walked cautiously.

But then, as they were walking, they suddenly came across a scary, giant, and hairy bear. The ferocious beast, seeing the two friends, was about to rush upon them. Its growl was even more frightening. Both of the friends were deserted and petrified. They were trembling and scared for their lives. Rohit was good at climbing trees. Without a second thought, he quickly grabbed the nearest branch and hid him behind the leaves. He did not care about his friend, Arjun. The bear also did not notice Rohit climbing. Rohit was happy since he had managed to escape from the bear.

Meanwhile, Arjun was getting more nervous. His hands and legs had started shaking out of fear. Since he thought it was his last moment, he began chanting his last prayers. “What am I supposed to do now? I don’t have anything to defend myself with, not even a stick.” He became as helpless as a baby. But, he had heard that bears do not bother with dead people. So, without thinking for a bit, he threw himself onto the ground, with his face in the dust. There were little hopes of Arjun’s survival. Yet, he wished for the bear to see him dead.

The bear came closer to Arjun and sniffed his ear. But, Arjun lay very quietly on the ground. He closed his eyes and did not even breathe. With his body lying very still, he hoped that the bear would go away soon. He did not move his hands and legs. The bear mistook Arjun to be dead, and slouched off, shaking its head in sheer disappointment and anger.

After the bear was out of sight, Rohit jumped down and laughingly said, “What was it that the bear said to you?” “Never trust a friend who leaves you in a pinch,” was Arjun’s reply. Rohit realised his inordinate mistake.

Never trust a friend who leaves you in a pinch.