Who Lives if India Dies? – Independence Day Speech by Antara

COMPREHENSION mahatma gandhi

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom…”

These iconic words by India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, will forever keep echoing in our history. After a struggle that lasted over a century, being ruled by the British, India claimed the freedom she always deserved. Indians rejoiced to call India their own for the first time.

India’s Independence Day vibes are in the air. But, strangely enough, we have been taken over by a strong enemy – corona. Corona has disrupted not only India’s jolly of freedom but also her health, economy and motivation. Corona has made India pathologically weak.

And on this season of our Independence Day celebrations, I must ask: Is corona really a very strong enemy? The struggle of our freedom fighters gave us freedom. To value, to respect and to appreciate our freedom, can we not initiate yet another freedom struggle – The freedom struggle against corona? Can we not win over corona? Can we not make India gain freedom from this deadly enemy? Let us take inspiration from our freedom struggle and shoo away corona once and for all off from India.

So, as responsible citizens of India, let us all become freedom fighters. I want to speak about 4 core responsibilities that will help us win the challenge. Let’s make India free from corona.


Let us become responsible citizens. Let us wash our hands frequently. Let us wear masks. Let us maintain social distancing. Do not with corona. Do not let corona come face to face with us. Do not give it a chance. It works. These simple techniques drastically reduce the hostility of corona.


Stay at homes. Attend schools online. Work from homes. Rule the world by staying at homes. Staying at homes is the most powerful movement. Let us all stand tall but not directly in front of corona.


Indigenously developed vaccines are now available. Let us recognize our privilege and get vaccinated. This is a surefire way to make all attacks of corona go futile.


Let us remember – corona free India is not just the dream of the Government. It is our responsibility. Let us make corona quit India by being responsible citizens. Let us keep informed about what’s happening around us. Spread awareness about corona – Keep a careful look on how it spreads its wings, what shape it takes, and above all, how to keep us safe from it. Corona won’t sustain for long. Before long, it will vanish. It will quit.

These 4 are just the tip of our novel Indian freedom struggle. Let us ensure that we gain freedom from corona. Let us win this fight. Let us make India strong, peaceful, heathy and disease-free active community.

And with that – Wish you a healthy, fit and strong, ‘corona-free’ Independence day!

Who Lives if India Dies?

– Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru