School Games – Essay Writing


One may not recall the studies from school. But the fun he had while playing games with schoolmates cannot diminish from his memories.

The most fun part of school is school games. Games are also a necessity for students. They cannot work tirelessly and incessantly. After hours of study, they require rest to get energy and zeal. At times, sleep may help to some level. But school games are way better and more effective. School games are also an excellent way of developing students’ personalities. They teach students the value of discipline and sportsmanship in life. Besides, the school games are unforgettable. Sweet memories are always in their minds.

School games relax students. Their muscles and bodies need to get strengthened. Research shows that games enhance the strength of our legs and hands. Students can have a wonderful time while playing games and at the same time, develop themselves physically. Running or racing improves the legs. Swimming is also a wholesome exercise for the body. Students also become more attentive and circumspective through games. Playing games makes them aware of what is happening around them. Outdoor games radiate positive vibes among students.

Games are favourable for not only the body and mind but also for amusement. Games bring thrills, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment. Students radiate happiness and stay in a good mood by playing games. Besides, playing games can be something different from the usual tedious work. Working long hours can be pretty exhausting. Outdoor games can give students the energy and power to restart their work. After playing games, students have the new zest and vigour to study again. It can prevent their bodies from being dull.

School games hold great importance in a student’s life. It is a bad idea to keep students constantly busy with reading and writing. Games are a great source of relaxation, joy, thrill, and excitement. Students become active and energetic through games. Games teach students many virtues, such as discipline, self-help, and patience. By playing in teams, students learn to support their team and not just themselves. Similarly, they will support their country when they grow up. Students learn to follow the rules and to work in unity by playing games.

Indoor games are also a great way to keep children engaged. Games like chess, carom and ludo develop students’ brains. They aid in the development of mental abilities, thinking power, attention, and creativity. These games also spread good vibes and reduce stress. Besides, children can develop social skills too. Little games in the study also help students understand the formulas better. These games also bring excitement and enthusiasm to study.

Outdoor games, however beneficial for the body, have some disadvantages. Students often get their clothes dirty with rain, soil, or even snow while playing outdoors. At times, even various types of bacteria enter our bodies. Thus, different infections can result in diseases. Playing games also includes exposure to dirt and dust. Too much dirt can cause skin infections in students. While playing games, bruises or cuts are also common.

In a nutshell, games are crucial in grooming a child, physically and mentally. But they do have some disadvantages.

One may not recall the studies from school. But the fun he had while playing games with schoolmates cannot diminish from his memories.