The Autobiography of an Octopus

At times, I feel fortunate to have eight arms. So, I can slap eight people at the same time. Flourishing in the deep splendours of the oceans, I am a mysterious-looking creature which is fascinatingly glamourous. Yes, you guessed it right! I am an...

Popular-superstitions essay writing

Popular Superstitions – Essay Writing

A legend has aptly said, “A belief that leaves no room for doubt is not a belief at all. It is a superstition.” Superstitions are very typical. They are popularly held beliefs. We all have heard of at least some of them in our lives. But they barely...

school-games essay writing

School Games – Essay Writing

One may not recall the studies from school. But the fun he had while playing games with schoolmates cannot diminish from his memories. The most fun part of school is school games. Games are also a necessity for students. They cannot work tirelessly...