The Monkey – Essay Writing

Our job is to love others without inquiring whether they are worthy or not. The monkey is a unique and fun animal. It is usually found in the tropical rainforests of Asia, Africa, and America. The monkey does not turn aggressive unless you tease it...


The Autobiography of a Guitar

A legend has aptly said, “Without music, life is worthless. Music is life; that is why our hearts have beats.” I am a red acoustic guitar with six strings. My owner is a girl named Jessica, and she is a decent guitarist. Legend has it that I am not...


The Ant and the Dove – Story Writing

Outline – One day an Ant was being carried away in a stream . . . A Dove sitting on a tree beside the stream saw it and cropped a leaf . . . the Ant climbed on it and was saved . . . Another day a hunter was aiming at the Dove with his gun . ...