Live Life for Others – Precis Writing


Wren and Martin Chapter 38: Precis Writing, Exercise 148, Sample 4 | Precis Title: Live Life for Others

Trees give shade for the benefit of others and while they themselves stand in the sun and endure scorching heat, they produce the fruit by which others profit. The character of good men is like that of trees. What is the use of this perishable body, if no use of it is made for the benefit of mankind? Sandalwood – the more it is rubbed the more scent does it yield. Sugarcane – the more it is peeled and cut into pieces, the more juice does it produce. Gold – the more it is burnt, the more brightly does it shine. The men who are noble at heart do not lose these qualities even in losing their lives. What does it matter whether men praise them or not? What difference does it make whether riches abide with them or not? What does it signify whether they die at this moment or whether their lives are prolonged? Happen what may, those who tread in the right path will not set foot in any other. Life itself is unprofitable to a man who does not live for others. To live for the mere sake of living one’s life is to live the life of dogs and cows. Those who lay down their lives for the sake of a friend, or even for the sake of a stranger, will assuredly dwell forever in a world of bliss.


Trees, standing in the scorching heat, help others by giving shade and producing fruits. Just as trees, men are made for the benefit of mankind. They should seek the helping attitude from sugarcane, gold and sandalwood. It’s no use in living life for mere sake of living; life should be lived for others. One, who departs his life for the sake of his friend, or even for the sake of a stranger, will dwell forever in the world of bliss.