Neighbour’s Barking Dog – Letter Writing


Write a courteous letter to a neighbour whose dog annoys you by barking.

35, Patel Street,
14 September, 2007

Dear Sir,
I was meaning to tell you about the constant barking of your pet dog. I am afraid to inform you that it is very frustrating. It disturbs my kids, who are appearing for their exams, as well as my father, who is suffering from illness.
I kindly request that you consider this as a severe concern and stop its barking.

Yours sincerely,

Apology letter to Neighbor for Dog Barking

46 Kingsway,
Nagar 440 001
16 September, 2007

Dear Madam,
I sincerely apologize and I am writing this letter out of guilt-conscience. Recently, my dog has acquired a new behavior. He has been barking heavily, especially at night and for long hours. I know that the noise is awful for this entire neighborhood, and I am sorry for that.
I am doing my best to identify the cause of this new behavior in my dog. However, I am suspecting that my dog has started barking because of fleas in our compound. I will surely wash my dog with shampoo for the next couple of days.
Please accept my apologies.

Yours faithfully,