The Best Way of Spending Holidays – Essay Writing


No wonder students do not need any explanation of how important holidays are. Students are already convinced, and they wish for holidays. After working for days, they eagerly await their vacation and request the headmaster to wrap up their studies. Once they finish the exams, students do not feel like studying or opening the books. Holidays are crucial. Students can relax and play during the holidays. After the holidays, they become mentally active to continue their studies. Thus, they can concentrate better and more effectively. But, too many holidays and rest can be terrible. Teachers should try to persuade students of the necessity of work and study. Yet, holidays at the right time can prevent students from being exhausted. The old rhyme says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Overall, holidays are vital, but should be taken at the right time and should be correctly used.

Holidays are important for those who are constantly engaged in mental work. Continuous work without a break might injure their health and cause a nervous breakdown. A holiday, rightly used, will cheer them up. They should try doing physical exercise or playing outdoor games. After the holidays, they gain vigor to continue their work effectively. On the other hand, people who work physically need refreshing sleep. They always keep their body engaged in physical activities. To relax their body and mind, sleeping and playing indoor games is the best way to spend the holidays.

Holidays can be effective only if they are spent in the right way. Most of the time, we spend our holidays incorrectly. We will probably get tired after the holidays. Constant travelling or taking long trips exhausts our body and mind. We should avoid it. If we spend our holidays in the stupid dullness, we get tired and uninterested in work. Sleeping continuously makes us even duller and our body becomes inactive. When our holidays are over, we become fully exhausted. We do not feel like working and, if we push ourselves, we might injure our health. If we spend our holidays in the wrong way, it will do more harm than good to us. The harm is much more severe than steady work could ever do.

If we should not spend holidays sleeping, or travelling, what is the correct way to spend holidays? Rather than sleeping continuously, we should try taking refreshing naps during the daytime. If we get mentally exhausted, strolls in the open air can be of some help. Pure air is good for students or those who work in stuffy offices. Running, swimming, or being involved in any other game helps our brain stay fresh. During the holidays, one of the best things we can do is commit ourselves to our hobby. Reading novels is also a good pastime. With these activities, our brain and body are likely to not get exhausted and we can get back to work fresh. We can have the new zest and vigor to start work.

Overall, holidays are important for our well-being. But, if they are spent the wrong way, they can harm our bodies. Instead of being dull and sleeping the entire day, we should try to keep ourselves physically active.