Life in a Large City – Essay Writing


Many people find city life attractive and glamorous. Cities are always dynamic and ever-growing. People cut down forests and urbanize areas, growing the cities. City life makes one urbane, smart, affable, perspicacious and astute. City life has, indeed, many advantages. However, they are not any short of disadvantages.

Rural areas lack opportunities. Cities with good infrastructure are sure to give you scads of educational, job, and business opportunities, no matter whether you are skilled or not. These opportunities are far superior to those offered by rural areas. They lead to an enhanced, successful and luxurious life. Cities offer luxurious and comfortable amenities, which are enjoyed by the people of the city. City life lures rural people to migrate from rural to urban life.

Living in a city will help you use the latest technologies since these technologies come to cities first. In rural areas, people usually do not upgrade to new technology, and life there becomes quite tedious and difficult. Cities have top-of-the-line institutions and colleges, which will enhance your educational growth. They have qualified and benevolent teachers who are willing to help you study further.

Exposure to a city will make you urbane and well-groomed. You will notice a considerable change in your personality when you move to a city. Cities have better facilities. They have departmental stores, restaurants, hotels, shops, medical services, houses, high-quality food etc. The internet is also easily available in cities. To live in a city independently, getting in contact with people is necessary. City life betters social interactions and develops personality. Living in a city provides a tremendous living.

City life does not lack disadvantages. It is mainly because of the higher tax rates, you find the city life expensive. Living in rural areas is quite affordable for there the prices are low. You must have enough income to manage to live in the expenses of city. The cacophony in cities is quite disturbing, from which you might feel stressed. City life is full of frolic and hazards. People in rural areas take time to get used to the chaos and crowds of cities. After all, custom reconciles us to do everything.

The pollution in the city can injure health severely. The polluted air damages our skin and holistic health. In most of the cities, garbage, drainage and water are mismanaged, causing pollution. Heavy traffic and traffic congestion are a common sight in cities. Cities have higher crime rates. The chances of stealth and deceit go up dramatically while living in a big city.

To put everything briefly, city life, however dangerous and hazardous, has many advantages to make life successful and magnificent. In the modern days, rural areas are being developed. Still, one cannot belittle the advantages that cities offer.