Good Manners – Essay Writing


Even the best education cannot open doors that good manners can.

Even the best education cannot open doors that good manners can. Choose the path of humbleness, instead of being rude.

We have been taught good manners since we were children. Our parents instilled in us the importance of good manners. They made every effort to make us kind-hearted and humble. In order to live in today’s society, one must have good manners. Furthermore, if one wishes to be liked by all, he must understand how to act and speak well. It is not a matter of knowledge that separates an educated person from an illiterate one. But it is the way of speaking and behaving. As a result, having good manners can turn even an illiterate person into a gentleman. Even the most educated guy, however, will not be a good man if he lacks good manners. An illiterate person will be well-respected if he knows how to act correctly in different circumstances.

Good manners are vital in your life. To achieve your goals, you must always be conscious of how you interact with and speak to others. Various businessmen and successful individuals are reaching new heights because of this particular skill. This is due to their manners and abilities. If a boss does not communicate adequately with his employees, they will leave. Thus, good manners are indispensable in many aspects of life. We need to show good manners everywhere and every time. Even in school, we need to be respectful towards teachers and our seniors. We must also practise good manners in our daily behavior. We should offer the elderly our seats and open the door for others.

There are numerous ways to cultivate good manners in oneself. First of all, the best way is to be thoughtful and cheerful. One should avoid anger and opinionating on things he does not know about. Being peaceful and having a calm mind will surely avoid rudeness. Self-control is the best way to reduce anger. Backing up friends is also a good way to show cooperation and love for them. Speaking loudly is often noticed and is considered rude. So, instead of speaking loudly and opening your mouth wide, speak in a slower and more pacified tone.

One thing to keep in mind is that good manners are not formalities, nor are they social procedures or regulations that must be followed in order to avoid a fine. However, it is something that comes from within, and it should not be forced. If we treat people with respect, they will treat us with respect, and it’s one of the simplest ways to grasp basic manners.