Elephants – Essay Writing


The mammoth, the largest animal that has ever lived, is extinct. With this extinction, the elephant has become the largest animal that exists now. The elephant is a strange-looking animal which has two small eyes, huge back and sides, and two gigantic hanging ears. Its legs appear like heavy pillars. It is peculiar for its trunk, its nose. The trunk is one of its most important body parts. The elephant uses its trunk to facilitate its food to its mouth, and fills water in the trunk. It can squirt the water all over its body. It enjoys splashing water playfully in rivers. If need be, the elephant can move very quickly, although it looks very clumsy.

Well, the elephant is a very shy animal and generally refrains itself from humans. It is quite introverted. But when it suspects insecurity or harm, it runs with its full potential. The elephant is renowned for its wisdom. Its intelligence combined with its strength makes it a very useful animal to humans. The elephant’s strength is, indeed, enormous. As the famous proverb says – when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.

Elephants are found in India and Africa. Indian elephants differ in some aspects from the African ones. In fact, both types of elephants are considered as of different species. The African elephant is a bit larger, and has longer tusks and bigger ears.

The elephant is a really useful animal for humans. It is used to pile logs. Piling of logs is quite difficult for humans; but, it is a piece of cake for tamed elephants due to their sheer size and power. They lift wood on their tusks. They also find use for tiger hunting. Should they use smaller animals for hunting tigers, hunters would need to get real close to tigers to shoot them, which is pretty dangerous. So, elephants are preferred for tiger hunting. The hunter, carrying all his weapons, sits on an elephant so as to see distant objects clearly. Thus, for the hunter, tiger hunting becomes really trouble-free, thanks to the elephants.

In India, the elephant is regarded as a holy animal. It is used in royal marriage and festive processions. Majestically decorated elephants are a peculiar attraction of the world-famous Dussehra festive processions of Mysore. Indian elephants offer blessings with their trunk. Its blessings are considered auspicious and people offer food and money in exchange. Furthermore, Indian elephants that are domesticated are really friendly and easy to get along with.

Elephants, for their strength, are useful to humans, and thus they are captured for taming. Catching elephants is tricky and dangerous. For, although really shy, it turns violent when attacked. News appears once a while of elephant turning rampant and killing people. In order to catch elephants, massive traps need to be set. These traps are called Kedah. Elephants get caught either by a Kedah or a decoy. Decoys are another veteran elephants specifically trained to lead other elephants.

In a nutshell, elephants are adorable, shy and peppy creatures. They always amaze and fascinate people especially children. Their sheer size and majestic looks is what amazes people. Let us cherish this lovely creature.

When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.