Literary Life – Comprehension



1. Why is the Literary Life mostly an unhappy one?
Literary life is mostly an unhappy one as artists have to bear pain to compose good writings, face continuous disappointment at their inability to reveal themselves, and coping up with the recurring difficulty of gaining publicity and recognition.

2. What are the ambitions of a young author?
Young authors think that they could just throw their works at the world’s feet and get back the laurel-crown, publicity and recognition.

3. Are editors and publishers sympathetic to young authors?
No, editors and publishers are not sympathetic to young authors. They care for their sale and business. They only care if the book will fetch them any profit or not.

4. What are some of the ordeals awaiting the young authors from the critics?
Firstly, young authors have to write their books in a creative manner, the manner by which one will get interested. They also have to deal with the publishing of their book and getting the public ear.

5. What attitude should an author adopt in the face of bitter critics?
Authors should be silent to criticism. They should be ignorant. If they take criticism seriously, they may fall down and quit.

6. Explain: Sioux Indians; abandon the profession of the pen; laurel-crown; to run the gauntlet; hounded to death.

  • Sioux Indians – The Sioux Indians is the largest of all the Native Indian tribes. The Sioux tribe is most harmful and practises scalping.
  • Abandon the profession of the pen – to quit as an author, to stop writing books, poetry, novels etc.
  • Laurel crown – respect, honor and fame everywhere.
  • To run the gauntlet – to suffer in order to reach goal.
  • Hounded to death – criticized or annoyed someone so much that it becomes necessary for the person to die.

7. Write in simple English: the pangs of composition; buoyed up by the hope; mere brokers; thirsting for your scalp.

  • Pangs of composition – difficulties of creative writing
  • Buoyed up by the hope – frustrated by failure and by the hope of success
  • Mere brokers – selfish people who transport things to foreign lands for money.
  • Thirsting for your scalp – want your scalp. Literally, want to annoy you