Jesus Christ – Comprehension



1. What, according to the author, is the meaning of “indifference”? Is it applicable to all religions?
According to the author, “indifference” means not striving for or being unaffected by. Yes, it is applicable to all religions.

2. Which are some of the real goods of spiritual living? Is it easy to make the student realize this?
The real goods of spiritual living are love of things of the spirit, service of one’s fellowmen, joy of an ordered, disciplined life and simplicity.

3. In what sense can it be said that Jesus Christ has dealt more comprehensively with the problem of wealth? Did Mahatma Gandhi teach a similar doctrine?
All religious teachers, but Jesus Christ, have taught to stay away from worldly materials and money. But Jesus Christ has explained this in detail. He explained by only four meaningful words, “Blessed are ye poor!” No, Mahatma Gandhi did not teach a similar doctrine. Gandhiji taught to speak the truth and stay calm.

4. What do you understand by the phrase : “poor in spirit”? In that case, would it be more perfect to give-away all your belongings and property and live like a pauper?
“Poor in spirit” means people who recognize their own spiritual poverty. It would not be perfect to give-away all your belongings and property and live like a pauper. For, being happy is more important than being wealthy.

5. Describe some of the drawbacks of poverty and show how money is absolutely necessary in life.
In extreme poverty, one needs to be dependent and suffer from many health issues due to incomplete nutrition. Money is necessary in life because it enables education, beautiful things for friends and families and helps us achieve our goals.