Collecting-Stamps – Precis Writing


Wren and Martin Chapter 38: Precis Writing, Specimen 1 | Precis Title: Collecting-Stamps

A stamp is, to many people, just a slip of paper that takes a letter from one town or country to another. They are unable to understand why we stamp collectors find so much pleasure in collecting them and how we find the time in which to indulge in our hobby. To them it seems a waste of time, a waste of effort and a waste of money. But they do not realise that there are many who do buy stamps, many who find the effort worth-while and many who, if they did not spend their time collecting stamps, would spend it less profitably. We all seek something to do in our leisure hours and what better occupation is there to keep us out of mischief than that of collecting stamps? An album, a packet of hinges, a new supply of stamps, and the time passes swiftly and pleasantly.

Stamp-collecting has no limits and a collection never has an end; countries are always printing and issuing new stamps to celebrate coronations, great events, anniversaries and deaths. And the  fascination of collecting is trying to obtain these stamps before one’s rivals. Every sphere of stamp-collecting has its fascination – receiving letters from distant countries and discovering old stamps in the leaves of dusty old books. A stamp itself has a fascination all its own. Gazing at its little picture we are transported to the wilds of Congo, the homes of the Arabs, and the endless tracks of the Sahara desert. There is a history in every stamp. The ancient Roman Empire and the Constitution of America, India’s Independence and the Allied victory, are all conveyed to our mind’s eye h> means of stamps. We see famous men, pictures, writers, scientists, soldiers, politicians and famous incidents. Stamps, so small and minute, contain knowledge that is vast and important.


To many people, stamps are merely something that are necessary for delivering letters. These people think that stamp collection as a hobby is simply a wastage of time, money and effort. But, there are other people in the world who find stamp collection worthwhile and more profitable than other leisure pursuits. Stamp collection also helps to pass time pleasantly.
Countries keep on issuing new stamps and thus, this hobby would not stagnate at any time. Receiving letters with stamps in old books is quite interesting. Stamps acquaint us with geographical and historical places, famous people and incidents. Collecting stamps before one’s rival is the real fascination that lies in this hobby. Stamps, although small and minute, contain vast and important knowledge. Therefore, collecting-stamps makes up a good hobby.