Live Life for Others – Precis Writing

Wren and Martin Chapter 38: Precis Writing, Exercise 148, Sample 4 | Precis Title: Live Life for Others Trees, standing in the scorching heat, help others by giving shade and producing fruits. Just as trees, men are made for the benefit of mankind. They should seek the helping attitude from sugarcane, gold and sandalwood. It’s… Continue reading Live Life for Others – Precis Writing

Patriotism – Precis Writing

People from every country – Frenchmen, Germans, Italians, Englishmen and many Indians – think that they and their countries are the best. They feel proud of themselves and their countries which is obvious; but, they disrespect other countries. This is incorrect; no country can be absolutely good and every country has some badness which need… Continue reading Patriotism – Precis Writing