Paragraph Writing

A paragraph is a group of organized sentences that are all related to the same topic. There is no rule as to the length of paragraphs. A paragraph may consist of a single sentence or of many sentences.

cows paragraph writing

Cows – Paragraph Writing

The cow is considered sacred in the Hindu religion. Since its milk is extremely nourishing to all animals, the cow is said to represent the Mother Earth. The milk of the cow, of course, offers quite a few benefits. It primarily strengthens bones and...

Examinations paragraph writing

Examinations – Paragraph Writing

In the process of learning, examinations have a special significance. Examinations are held for checking how much students have understood. On the pretext of examinations, they will learn subjects, revise them and jog their memory. Examinations make...

Mangoes paragraph writing

The Mango – Paragraph Writing

The Mango is unequivocally the king of fruits. Apart from being delicious, the Mango offers various advantages. It is one of the highest sources of vitamin C. This vitamin improves immunity, manages high blood pressure and improves skin-health...