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As the name suggests, English With Antara is a brainchild of Antara. Antara is a 10-year-old, 6th grader from Pune.

Antara – English Language Influencer

A writer by day and avid reader by night, Antara is a young, passionate and accomplished English language influencer. Her fortes include Creative Writing, Etymology, Grammar, Literature, Accents and Pronunciation.

And, of course, she is a writer. She is an author of two academic books – 65 STORIES and 101 AUTOBIOGRAPHY ESSAYS. She is one of the youngest book authors. Besides writing books, she writes at and is working on her third book.

Antara believes gaining knowledge is an unending journey which makes us aware of the wonderful worldly affairs. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge. This has inspired her to run the YouTube channel ENGLISH WITH ANTARA, which is in its phase of taking shape. On this channel, you can explore English learning videos, all thoughtfully curated by Antara.

With the website, Antara predominantly shares her creative writing specimens. These specimens include essays, autobiographies, comprehension, vocabulary and poem reproductions.

All in all, with her YouTube channel, books and website, Antara helps people understand the nuances of the English language and become proficient in it.  Enjoy the language learning process with her to feel proud of every word you say. 

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More About Antara

Antara loves learning new languages. Taking this love a notch higher, she has also learnt German, scoring A2 level. She has also gained consummacy in Ms PowerPoint, Ms Word, Adobe Photoshop, video editing and multimedia production. In essence, she has created humorous edits and fun stuff with her exceptional video editing skills. She shares her edits on her YouTube Channel FINDING FUNNY. Explore this channel for a Joie De Vivre. Additionally, Antara is also a western vocals virtuoso. She is an aspirant of the Trinity Rock and Pop London graded exams.  Antara practises her western vocal skills with her YouTube Channel Antara’s Mad-O-Wot! Finding time for her hobbies, she practises dancing, calligraphy, sketching, rangoli, and mehendi.

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Stay Ahead with Your English

English With Antara is the brainchild of Antara – helping you learn English and refine the language to top-notch level.

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