A Great City Is, To Be Sure, A School For Studying Life


In schools and educational institutions, we gain knowledge that leads us to success. When we actually make use of the knowledge, we find ourselves making a lot of mistakes. However, these mistakes are not egregious, but rather they give us experience. Great cities, too, offer us valuable knowledge of life. A city experiences wars, floods, earthquakes and many other calamities. She suffers from extreme sorrow and hardships. Many people in the city lose their lives, close friends and relatives. In spite of these extremities, a city does not lose her hope, spirit, power and zeal. She struggles and eventually comes back to her vivid life again. Never does she cry or yield to sorrows. In fact, she strengthens her power and intrepidity. By doing so, the city teaches us the value and spirit of life. She teaches us how to not give up and how to surmount life. She remerges to become a great city. The history, chronology, places and people are a testimony of her salvage of life. She narrates her own saga. For instance, despite of the atomic bombings which ruined them, Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities stood up again after several years. They are the most developed cities now. These cities have set the perfect example of a great city teaching us life. Great cities, thus, set themselves as the schools for studying life.